this month - november

TRAVELING - To London & Paris! Sorry, had to shift things around & get that out of the way, because everything else will refer to that, basically ;)
EATING - A picnic (or two?) by the Eiffel Tower. Pinch me.
DRINKING - High tea & a lot of champagne. Then we'll get home & I'll be drinking nothing but juice for two weeks. #detox
PRACTICING - using what little tiny bit of French vocabulary I have stored away & not freaking out 100% of the time we're abroad.
MASTERING - packing my 55L backpack, three times once this trip is all said and done. Yeesh.
LEARNING - new cities! I mean, the learning will never end.
PLAYING - whatever music or sounds will keep me asleep on the plane.
FINISHING - a book I literally (har har) started in June.
READING - as many guides to London/Paris blogs as possible to figure out where we should be eating.
WATCHING - allllll the people!
WALKING - in the light, thanks to Dr. Scholls. All hail.
WEARING - a mostly black, navy & grey wardrobe the whole trip, which made packing so much easier.
COOKING - breakfasts every morning. So happy to have kitchens in our Airbnb apartments!
WORKING - the day after we get back. lol. 
WANTING It to be time to walk out the door to the airport... But also to soak up every precious moment of this highly anticipated trip. Ah!

 Whatcha doin' this month?

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