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top - The Limited // jeans - Madewell // pumps - Target // hat - Cotton On (similar) // lips - Nars, Fast Ride

As a very loud bang! of an end to what became 2014's quietest month on the blog, I am ever so pleased to formally announce that we are heading to London & Paris with our besties, Amelia & Andrew, for 10 days, & AH! WE LEAVE THIS SUNDAY! Cue running around like crazy people, trying to pick out proper attire/shoes & buy last minute travel stuff & then make it all fit into a backpack. We have become absolute crazy people in the past week. In what can only be descrived as a darling twist of irony, both of our jobs have required more of our time than ever over the past two weeks, & suddenly, after waiting for this trip for SO LONG... It's here, & I'm not even close to ready.

All of that to say... Here! Have an outfit! I'm going to try REALLY HARD to post while we're gone, but I'm choosing to make my life all sorts of easier by leaving the macbook at home. I make zero promises on the blogging front. However! Please feel free to follow along on our adventures over on Instagram - We'll be sharing our European holiday under the hashtag #bethulombsjumpthepond. Yes, we have a faux joint last name. The love is real.

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  1. wow,paris is a romance city..i'm so jealous now! enjoy yourself much,girl!! can't wait for more in your travel posts.

    xo josephine c.


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