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jean jacket - American Eagle // top & coated leggings - Madewell // wedges - Old Navy

I'm 100% embarrassed that my day-after-Thanksgiving post is an outfit, not 45 things we're grateful for, a list of traditions, or the 17 tasty dishes we wish we could say we made for our Thanksgiving feast. Alas, I'm on a tight schedule with these outfits, & after a two trips to various parts of Virginia this past week + a full day at work, my eyelids are barely staying open.

So, on a week where gratitude is highlighted in a life where there is much to be grateful for... I am thankful for jean jackets, caramel corn, the new Star Wars trailer, & a sleeping husband on the couch next to me who almost made it 3/4 of the way through Elf before conking out for the night. It's a good, good life.

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because lezz be frandz.