thanksgiving in the mountains

With the powers of Jared's full time job & my part time job combined, we knew pretty early on that a trip home to our families for Thanksgiving wasn't in the stars for 2014. Fortunately, some of Jared's coworkers planned a little cabin getaway in the mountains, & were sweet enough to take us in as part of their Friendsgiving feast. We had a truly delightful and delicious day. Without further ado... A LOT of pictures of our Thanksgiving.

 photo tgiving-10.jpg
What better way to spend Thanksgiving than in the mountains of Virginia in a historic log cabin, right?
 photo tgiving-31.jpg
 photo tgiving-3-1.jpg
Duke, along with his giant brother Triton
(who moved just a bit too fast for my camera to properly capture)
spent the entire day feeding my puppy fever.
 photo tgiving-2-1.jpg
 photo tgiving-7.jpg
Backyard view
 photo tgiving-32.jpg
 photo tgiving-28.jpg
 photo tgiving-13.jpg
Will made apple cider mimosas for breakfast & MY, did they hit the spot.
 photo tgiving-12.jpg
 photo tgiving-14.jpg
I mean, that neck.
 photo tgiving-11b.jpg
 photo tgiving-17.jpg
 photo tgiving-21c.jpg
My handsome love, whom I am the most grateful for.
 photo tgiving-22.jpg
 photo tgiving-29.jpg
 photo tgiving-8.jpg
 photo tgiving-24.jpg
 photo tgiving-26.jpg
Jared & Matti take the canoe for a spin, & all I hear as they turn the corner is Jared singing, "JUST around the river beeeeeend..."
 photo tgiving-23.jpg
Party trick.
 photo tgiving-20.jpg
 photo tgiving-16.jpg
 photo tgiving-1-1.jpg
Our dinner programs. LEGIT.
 photo tgiving-27-Recovered.jpg
 photo tgiving-33.jpg
 photo tgiving-6-1.jpg
 photo tgiving-34.jpg

2014 has brought us so many twists & turns, & as much to grow into as we have to be thankful for. Incredible things, really. Holidays without my father-in-law's Mexican dishes gracing the table in some capacity, or my parents' dogs, or a family viewing of Elf in the evening are something I'd like to avoid for... well, forever. You just can't substitute for family. But we are so grateful for friends & pups alike & their invitation & hospitality that made for a wonderful stay in the mountains.

I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing. Let the most wonderful time of the year commence!

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  1. o my gosh! this is the most prettiest place i ever seen..can i live here? like forever?too pretty..

    xo joselovincolors


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