this month - december

EATING - More bread, goat cheese & wine that I have ever consumed in my entire life, a true sign of life after Paris. #nobueno

DRINKING - one sip of the eggnog that Jared insists upon buying, & then I'll be set until next year.
PRACTICING - self-control as the desire to buy allll the Christmas ornaments rears its ugly head.
MASTERING - all of Mariah's classic vocal runs during this wonderful holiday season.
LEARNING - how to do Christmas on the smallest of scales.
PLAYING - NSYNC's Christmas album, which I finally bit the bullet & bought on iTunes after the 5th song on my original CD started skipping.
FINISHING - a writing project that has been in the works aaaall year. Cannot wait to share.
READING - Refinery29, who always manage to keep my informed & entertained, but especially so during the holiday season.
WATCHING - our stack of Christmas movies. So far, we've watched Elf, The Holiday & Die Hard.
WALKING - with a little more pep in my step, now that the weather is acting a little more wintery.
WEARING - my blanket scarf baaaaasically everywhere I go. But my Madewell coated denim is a closed 2nd.
COOKING - up a plan for our very odd Christmas Day this year, our first spent away from family.
WORKING - on editing our Europe photos. It is slooooow goin'.
TRAVELING - to Richmond & maybe somewhere fun for Christmas, but mostly just exploring DC at Christmastime.
WANTING - Amelia's salted caramels, a maid to clean up my clothes that have been scattered throughout the apartment since ohhh, Europe? & the nativity set I forgot to grab from my parents' attic. Meh.

 Whatcha doin' this month?

As an aside, this marks the twelfth This Month post that I shared this year, & I'm more than proud that I actually followed through with at least ONE of my monthly post goals ;) I'll be continuing the This Month post series going into 2015, so please feel free to join me & share your links in the comments!


  1. yes,i will sure be joining your monthly post in 2015..can't wait to make this commitment.

    xo joselovincolors

  2. I must say I have loved reading through your "this month" posts along with those sunset photos this year & have been wanting to start the same monthly post. I'll def. be joining you in 2015! Your blog is one of my favs :)



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