wearing - 49/50

^^ what is wrong with me. ^^
cardigan & booties - TJ Maxx // dress - Madewell //  tights - Target // necklace - Edith Marie

I'm wearing a belt & a necklace in this outfit that didn't get proper photo coverage in retrospect. But, ya know, that happens when you do outfit photos at 8:30am on the 38 degree walk into work with your husband, who has to wear your purse & coat over his shoulder as you attempt to pose without shivering, while your Hunter boots & coffee travel mug are hopefully left untouched around the corner of the church you stopped at. Because Lord help the person who steals a girl's coffee on a Monday morning.

At this point in the week, I can say (90% ironically) that I am soooooo ready for 2015. There isn't enough coffee in the world for all the things going on right now.

But hey! 2nd to last outfit post! WHOOOO!!!

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