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sweater - Forever21 // coated denim leggings + blanket scarf - Madewell //  suede booties - TJ Maxx

Happy, rainy, Christmas Eve Eve! 

This holiday season has been so different & bizarre from what I've been used to my whole life that I'm sort of in denial that Christmas could possibly be coming to a close. In college, even if I found myself working my part time job on the days leading up to Christmas, I was still at least a short drive from my & Jared's parents homes, & just popping in to either was an instant surge of family & holiday spirit. When I was at the zoo, I worked so many hours during the event season that I was usually able to take a solid 1.5 weeks off work around Christmas/New Years. & last year, I managed to avoid picking up a part time job until January. Sooooo, working tomorrow night & the day after Christmas at my part time job in a family-less city will be a little bit jarring.

I probably sound like a spoiled brat. I have Jared here. We have our wee little Christmas tree & plans to go ice-skating in Georgetown on Christmas Day. We will make the most of it & it could, in fact, be the most fun Christmas yet. We've never done Christmas sans extended family, so it's all a mystery. But hey! This year has been crazy, anyway. Why not add a crazy Christmas to the mix?

As a final note, this sweater was a dream come true. In a season that short, wide sweaters have been THE thing (& in a body that short & wide are big fat no-nos), this form-fitting turtleneck was exactly what I was looking for. Bonus: I can't really tell if it's navy blue or black, so I just pick which one I want it to be, depending on the day. That's how colors work, right?

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