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top - H&M // turtleneck - Forever21 // skirt - J. Crew // Flats - Target // earrings - Rocksbox

So excited to show off some of my Rocksbox digs from this month. I am not an every day jewelry sort of girl. My engagement ring is actually the only piece of jewelry that I consistently wear. I tend to buy a piece & wear it nonstop/with every outfit for a few weeks. At some point, I take it off (or lose it -- Lookin' at you, midi rings) & it gets moved to my jewelry box & potentially never seen again. The alternative scenario is that I know I have, oh say, a holiday party for Jared's work coming up that I'll be getting dolled up for. I usually panic the day (or hours) before whatever the event is & spend a dumb amount of money on a piece of jewelry that I'll wear once & only once, then hand it off to a younger sister the next time a closet purge comes around.

Enter Rockbox. Indiviually curated jewelry (three pieces at a time) based off of my style that I can wear for however long... Mail back & get more. SOLD. I will say that my box had more silver jewelry in it than I anticipated, but I've been working on incorporating it into my work wardrobe anyway, & it's going pretty well. Anyways, it's worth checking out!

Alright, I'm tragically behind on getting to my 50th outfit before the year ends so guess what. You're getting an outfit post tomorrow, too. Loveyameanit.

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  1. I love rocksbox! And I love how you styled it- the skirt is such a great statement piece!

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