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ruffled button down - American Eagle // cardigan - H&M (men's department) // cropped jeans - Madewell // over-the-knee socks - Urban Outfitters // Hunter boots 

This week in "Clothes from Your Husband's Side of a Very Tiny Closet," we bring you the elusive grey cardigan that he may have been looking for all over so that he could wear it before he realized that you have it on. WHOOPS. It wasn't until I went to look back at my last post to see what outfit number this was that I realized I was repping one of Jared's sweaters for the second time... in a row. 

While this could mean that I've depleted my wardrobe options with this crazy outfit challenge, or that I am very much feeling as though I've put on my extra layer of warmth for the winter *WIIIINK* & thus, the bigger the sweater the better... It actually means that at 26, I am still waiting for the maid whose sole purpose in life is to clean up my clothes. I have been praying & waiting for this person to show up my entire life. You can ask my mother. Alas, no dice.

Thus concludes this week's episode of "You Should Really Just Do Your Laundry, Kelsey."

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