a date to THE tree

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So, maybe these are the most touristy pictures ever. & maybe it's a bit of a selfie-overload. But it's our first Christmas in DC, so I'm pretending we're allowed. 

We bundled up on a 30 degree night, picked up some decadent chocolate inspired treats & trotted ourselves down to the National Christmas Tree. We've been here since August, but we hadn't made our way down to the White House yet, so we stopped by on our way to the tree & waved to the neighbors. *wiiiiiiiiiink* ... & then we came home to scarf down the soup we had waiting for us, ready to warm our bones.

This month has been a blur! But it's been fun to sneak in little dates around the city & make our way through our pile of Christmas movies whenever we get the chance. December, you always slide by way too fast, but still... This has been one for the books.

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