wearing - 48/50

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denim jacket - Madewell // dress- H&M // opaque tights - American Eagle (they're nearly 6 years old & still going strong!) // booties - Urban Oufitters

In case you haven't caught on, I'm in Chesapeake, VA whenever the background is suburban or woodsy ;) Because getting these last outfits in has taken over my life before December 31st, we snapped these between visits to parents' houses, & that mild, southern Virginia breeze was so, so welcome.

As a parting I'm-writing-this-at-12:30am thought: I started hosting my images on Photobucket this year because I was sick of Blogger eating the quality of my images... & I just had the horrible realization that if I ever stop paying for my account (which, let's not kid ourselves...), the images on the posts from this year will disappear. UGHHHH. Blogging, why are you such a complicated thing, when the whole reason I'm here is simple documentation?

I'm letting my lack of sleep do all the writing here. OKAY BYE!

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