big red

I am very blessed in that isn't very often that I sit down to write a post that I know is going to make me cry. With such a heavy sigh, & a heavier heart, I started my day today knowing that my family will be saying a final goodbye to our sweet golden retriever, Emma. 

This polaroid was taken by a younger sister (yeaaars ago) who found my camera & went on her merry way taking snaps around the house. I was so annoyed when I discovered this, as polaroid film isn't cheap or easy to come by. But now, all these years later, this picture is priceless.

Affectionately deemed Big Red by my cousin, Emma never really did fit the golden retriever mold. She was big. & she was red. & she never did quite understand the boundaries of her own front yard. But true to her breed, and above all of her other characteristics, that dog adored her family. & we loved her right back.

It's such a funny thing... The way we choose to bring these pets into our lives, knowing the bond that will form between us & the inevitable goodbye that looms ahead at a distant point in the future. It doesn't seem fair that we outlive them, especially since their fountain of unconditional love would flow for all of eternity if they had the choice. But we're richer people because of them. There is a lot to be learned from the devotion they exude, all day & every day.

I don't know how to end this post, but that's probably because I just really hate endings. So, I'll just say this: We'll miss you, Em. Thanks for being the bear that could always find an open hand to push your head under. You are loved.


because lezz be frandz.