wearing - 42/50

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top - H&M // leggins - Gap // booties - Old Navy // over-the-knee socks - Urban Outfitters

Truthfully, this outfit ended up being a little more matchy-matchy than I was going for. In my head, those socks were way more cream than pink. But some days, comfy is really all I want, & this shirt is perhaps the comfiest that I own. It has a little bit of structure & pleating to it, which combined with the wedged booties, give the appearance of "trying" without actually trying at all. Or at least in my head, it does. If it looks like I'm just wearing pajamas with shoes, please don't tell me. I could literally eat 17 burrito bowls & this shirt would hide all of it, which makes it the shirt equivalent of a best friend. It's got my back. Well, & my front. *ba dummmm chee*

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