wearing - 50/50

cardigan - Target // socks & jeans - H&M // button down - Madewell // boots - Old Navy

That's it! Outfit #50! Taken on New Year's Eve, with puffy eyes (it's still a little sad around here, re: my last post) & polka dot socks. I thought it was fitting to end with what has become my staple outfit this year, which is half-purposefully an updated version of Outfit #1. (Please appreciate that I wore the same socks, because I had to wash those puppies last night just to make sure I had them on for these pictures this morning.)

I won't wax poetic too much, because I have a recap post in the works that will allow me to reflect on "what was the point of all this" & lol at some of the ridiculousness that these posts have produced. But we can go ahead & lol at my PEACE OUT, OUTFIT POSTS! portrait ^^ up there & high five that it's the first & only peace sign that made it into this series.

In the meantime! We are heading back down to VA (again) for our real Christmas(ish) vacation -- The one we had planned on taking before we decided to drive down for Christmas day. We'll be there for five whole days, which should be a perfect amount of R&R after we both spent the holidays working our booties off in good ol' Georgetown. *gag* It's definitely a well-earned break.

I'm off to finish packing bags & straightening up an apartment. Have the happiest (& safest) of New Year's, everyone! Cheers to 2015!


  1. Good job finishing! I loved going through your outfit posts!

  2. I'm just now stumbling upon your blog, only to come across your awesome outfit posts - which aren't being continued. Admittedly, I am saddened by this (love your style!), but I'm excited to follow along on your blog journey regardless! :)


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