this month - january

MAKING - fresh, whole, homemade breakfasts & dinners
CRAVING - Chick-Fil-A, which is fortunately not accessible in the city
PLAYING - Joshua Radin's new album (Onward & Sideways)
LISTENING TO - the Stuff You Should Know Podcast to make city walks go faster
READING - *now accepting book recommendations, before I read a Jane Austen book for the 47th time*
WATCHING - Into the Woods on an upcoming date night! EEE!
WEARING - all the long sweaters & tall socks, in an effort to survive my walk to work
LEARNING - that it really does snow more in Washington, DC than in Norfolk, VA
GOING TO - Richmond (let's just assume this is happening at least once a month every month)
WORKING ON - structuring my days, maximizing productivity
OBSESSED WITH - Satsuki Shibuya's artwork
PLANNING - Our 2015 travels & budgeting thusly
RESEARCHING - how to bring my half-dead philodendron back to life
HOPING - to be more consistent with this little blog, my annual resolution
STARTING - to clean up the desktop of Jared's mac, which I have been cluttering since August
FINISHING - editing our Europe photos (still) & 2014 recap posts

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  1. Not sure if you've read any of these, but I have a ton of books on my list right now recommended by others! > One Thousand Gifts, The Art of Possibility, The Blue Zones, Cold Tangerines, and Serena!

    1. I was secretly hoping you'd comment on this when I requested book suggestions 0:) I've only read One Thousand Gifts!

  2. hi kelsey, thanks for inspiring me daily. i did a post for this month too
    > http://www.joselovincolors.com/2015/01/this-month-january.html

    xo joselovincolors


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