tart event co.

I mentioned these berries loooong while ago. I called them "very important berries." They were. They are. After an entire weekend spent going back & forth from couch to coffee shop, taking turns yelling pretty words to each other & reading the dictionary, it was this berry bush that settled it. Tart. We were Tart Event Co.

When I say that this post has been "a long time coming," I truly mean it. It dates back to August 2006, when a friendship was sparked in a classroom that was the beginning of a life-long relationship. Relationship might seem like a very strong word, but I'm pretty sure once the lawyer sitting across from you in a board room says, "You're both married, so you understand the gravity of me saying that you're entering into a legally binding relationship," you've moved past friendship.

Amelia & I both started out with different majors & different career intentions in mind, like so many college freshman do. Somehow, even though our paths separated for the last two years of college, once they met again, Amelia had decided that weddings were her calling, & I had my heart set on a career in events. "We should start a company!" It was a half-hearted statement. We were 22 & that seemed crazy. "... Maybe when we're like, 30."

& so, our paths split again. We both got Big Girl jobs, incredibly, in our chosen fields. We got business cards & we learned & we grew & our job titles got fancier. But after three years & four event seasons, I was restless. I loved my job & my coworkers, but I needed more creativity. My 24th birthday was approaching & I was terrified that I was wasting time. I wanted freedom - To be my own boss & to make beautiful events. It was time. Time to take a leap of faith & do something. Change my stars. Make a bit of a mess & see where it took me. Because if not now, when?

I specifically remember the day I told Amelia about my plans. We were in the car, & (it's weird I remember this...) were getting off at an exit in Williamsburg, VA when I said, "I think I'm going to quit my job. I think I'm going to start an event planning company." & without missing a beat, Amelia said, "Okay. I'm in."

For the next 30 minutes, we listed pros & cons, then starting scheming up timelines, then tried to figured out how to break this news to our husbands, & then started scaring ourselves that this was crazy. But by the end of the day, over margaritas with Andrew & Jared, the date was set. By January 2015, our company would be born. 

I have replayed these scenes in my head a thousand times, reminding myself of the fire & zeal that we had on the days when we're exhausted, terrified & covered in paint, or confetti, or flower pollen. Thinking back on how insatiable the thought of creative freedom was on the days when looking at our Quickbooks is nearly vomit-inducing. Recalling that stifled feeling that made my bones ache at my office day-job when I'm driving home at 11pm from 48 whirlwind hours in Richmond. No matter how tired or scared or overwhelmed we are, there is always a moment -- sometimes, just a look -- that Amelia & I share in acknowledgement that this is the dream. We are doing great things. We are making it happen.

In conclusion! I have to point out that this moment (& just to paint the picture, this moment is me taking a final break from color palette selection & a styled shoot blog submission, in leggings & slippers with my glasses sliding down my nose & a 3rd cup of coffee nearby) would seriously not be happening without Amelia. I'm not exaggerating, because seriously LOL that I thought I could just start an event company. I don't know what would have happened if she hadn't jumped on board this crazy train with me all those years ago, but I know that this company could not already be what it is without her gumption, experience & guidance. We probably scare people when we say things like this, but she truly, honestly, really completes me, creating the ultimate #girlboss partnership. I am proud, honored, & thrilled to be her business partner. Our friendship is truly just icing on the wedding cake.


  1. I love this so very much! Making things happen is so fulfilling & inspiring.

  2. congratulations! i admire your bravery which i don't own.i wish i have...you're my inspiration.Really! Good luck and all the best in your new company,ladyboss.

    xo joselovincolors


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