a new year's day walk

^^ We took a little afternoon walk around my parents' neighborhood with a golden doodle & a toddler who were going a little stir crazy. ^^
^^ (This is the face of said golden doodle who is a little terrified of said toddler's hugs) ^^
^^ Little Kitty, mini style blogger? ^^
^^ Discovering ^^
^^ Every baby has a new way to pronounce my name, & hers is "Kessyy." ^^
^^ Just... spinning. You know. ^^
 ^^ Seriously, is he a dad yet? No? ^^
 ^^ I mean, but honestly. I can't wait until it's our baby on his shoulders, because her little overjoyed smile is just the best. ^^
 ^^ Really, we're so excited for the Someday ahead that involves puppies & babies. 
In the mean time, we'll stay content with our parents' dogs & our siblings' kiddos. ^^

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