a day at the museum

We had our annual family meeting two Mondays ago, just reviewing where we are, where we want to be & what we'd like to get out of 2015. One of our goals was to take advantage of some of what DC has to offer us while we're here. Because truly, it has a lot to offer.

So! In an attempt to keep ourselves active during these winter months AND get to know this fair city of neverending entertainment, we finally got ourselves to a museum on our day off last week. Our day at the National Museum of Natural History was hopefully the first of many educational days spent at my favorite fella's side. We set off in the cold on a very grey day & headed downtown to get our Smithsonian on.
^^ Growing up so close to DC & now in living here, it's easy to forget how much history, architecture & international attraction is right here. But after visiting Paris & London, it was easier to appreciate playing tourist in our own city. ^^
^^ We've pretty much spent our entire relationship being on the go, so we know how to treasure our free moments together. How I love this man. ^^
^^ I still take a short little gasp everytime I see a monument. As much as we want to "fit in," I hope the magic of this place is never lost on me. ^^
^^ Always on the hunt for new, local restaurants, we popped in at The White Apron for lunch. It was ooookay. ^^
^^ Right after I said, "Museums will be more fun when we have kiddos running around," Jared took off towards the giant whale hanging on the ceiling. ^^
^^ The closest I, alongside two teenagers, got to getting a photo of Nemo, Marlin & Dory. Embarrasing. ^^
^^ Will always find a bear, if there is a bear to be found. ^^
^^ The driving force behind Jared's choice of museum. ^^
^^ & then there were the Gems & Minerals, in which I ran from display to display proclaiming my favorites, like I did when I was 8. ^^
^^ ALL THE COLORS. My personal heaven. ^^
^^ Just a giant diamond, that's all. ^^
^^ A solid family photo outside the Bollywood exhibition. ^^

Tomorrow is our second day off together since we resolved to make the most of our free days, but we're once again being met by gross weather... The outskirts of the dreadful storm heading towards NYC. We'll see how much we accomplish when there's slush & cold rain falling outside. Netflix is going to be aaaaawfullyyyyy appealing.

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