a few more bits & pieces of our trip to va

^^ An AMAZING New Year's Day breakfast, complete with Jared's signature Eggs Benedict. A perfectly healthy way to kick off the New Year, oui? ;) ^^
^^ Our chef ^^
^^ You know it's good when you are compelled to take a poorly lit photo of mostly yellow food. ^^
^^ A blurry photo of our sister coffee date ^^
^^ ... & then, Elsa & Anna may have been asked to show up at their two-year-old niece's birthday party. ^^
^^ So, with some Youtube makeup tutorials, an old prom dress & quickly scavenged costume pieces, show up they did. ^^
^^ It was well-received. ^^
^^ As an ever-present reminder of why we need a dog, Ellie kept me company every time I sat down to get some work done. ^^
^^ Mom & dad's backyard oasis, the best place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. ^^
^^ The camera never flashes, but she almost always blinks, & it's my favorite. ^^
^^ A pretty sunset on our final evening in Virginia. ^^
^^ But to be honest, Catherine was mostly in it for the horse/cow watching. ^^
^^ See ya, Chesapeake! ^^
2014 was a huge year for us (review post soooon), but we're excited to be back in DC to kick off 2015!

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