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hat & zip-up jacket - J. Crew // sheer button down - Pac Sun // leggings - Madewell // booties - American Eagle

In my head, I own this hat (also worn here) for the eventual Saturday morning that finds us at a child's chilly sporting event, or a Sunday morning when I wake up with a *DING!* at 6am to head to the farmer's market for the freshest of food finds. One of those things is like, a really long way away & we'll probably have hologram hats or house robots that can fix any case of morning hair. The other is just never going to happen. Ever. 

But FOR NOW! This hat was a perfect topper for a morning date to the juice joint that just opened up around the corner. The area we live in has a new shop or restaurant opening up nearly every week, so there is never a dull moment on the rare occasion that we have a morning to explore. Next up on the list is the new pizza place... even though I'm trying my hardest to give up bread & cheese this month. That's probably two steps backwards, but everything in moderation, right? Ehhhh. Europe ruined me, that's for sure.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love this, and all your other outfits posts!

  2. Ha! That first paragraph. Too funny. Nearly my entire wardrobe is made up of outfits that I keep for hypothetical situations, in which the outfit would be EXACTLY what I need. And it is this very reason why my closet is full of clothes that I never wear and can't seem to get rid of. Ugh. Such problems. ;)

  3. casual cutie! looking like an olsen twin in this post ;)

  4. cannot find this sweater online!! argg... #onlineshoppingissues


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