birthday snapshots

1. birthday flowers - delivered to work, greeting me at home & from sister+BIL
2. the long & songful car ride to a very not-open apple orchard in Williamsburg... still lots of fun ;)
3. the pumpkin picking alternative to apple picking!
4. pumpkin carving supplies & necessities
 5. workin' hard on mom & dad's back patio
6. our very bored audience
7. the finale - my owl + lissy's branch + jared's creepy/cute face
8. a most delicious caramel apple cake... so.much.yum.

such a wonderful day.
I've got a 12 hour day tomorrow that is going to begin much too soon,
so I'm off to sleep.
some exciting stuff is happening on the blog this week - keep checking back!
my agenda for monday is 1. sleep in 2. blog blog blog...
& I'm totally excited.
but maybe a little more excited about sleep. not gonna lie.

happy weekend!
xo, kelsey


  1. this is so darling and oh so precious. love you. see you soon. xoxo.

  2. It's official, you're the most photogenic person I've ever met. (who am i kidding, i've known that for YEARS.)

    Glad you had such a lovely, flower-pumkin-cake & family filled birthday.

    Missing you...


because lezz be frandz.