the big peach - the city

A last set of snapshots from Atlanta:
1. Hotel views
2. Our walk through Centennial Park to go... umm, anywhere.
3. Legit margherita pizza, which pizza joints at home can't figure out. I was thrilled.
4. Atlanta food trucks! & really truly the best hot dog I've ever had.
5. Our last day adventure to an art festival. Perfect weather + should've gone with flats.

Honestly... There should be more pictures.
But I have a really bad habit of forgetting my *borrowed* camera, AND my phone stopped charging halfway through the trip.
But c'est la vie :)

We are quiiiite enjoying ourselves in NYC this weekend with Jared's brother & his wife.
It's been perfect fall + NYC weather.
I'm mostly just excited to be coherent this October & able to slow down & enjoy the season...
Last year was a BIT of a blur ;)
We'll be home on Tuesday night! 
See ya thennn...

xo, kelsey

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  1. Ummm.. I'll trade you my mexican food for that pizza anytime!


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