home again, home again

ahhhh, we're back! 

I didn't really explain before, but J & I decided earlier in the year to save money & not take a trip for our 1st anniversary.
but THEN! a door was opened this summer & we were able to get tickets to NYC for a super cheap discount.
we didn't really have a plan for how we were going to afford our hotel, 
but literally the day after we found out about the tickets, Jared's brother & sister-in-law announced that they were moving to the city.
so, God is awesome in the little surprises and the big provisions.
& hey, plane tickets totally count for the traditional 1st year "paper" gift, yeah?

I am all sorts of exhausted. 
I'm really going to miss the daily workout of going, you know, anywhere, in NYC.
it was extremely fantastic & romantic & autumn-y & fun.
the city was great, as usual, but we also just relished in our time with the bro-&-sis-in-law.
nothing says best friends like wine & How I Met Your Mother: Season 3 for HOURS on a rainy afternoon ;)

it's october! my favorite month of ever. the year. all time. love.
the amazing clouds as we were flying home this afternoon reminded me so clearly of WHY we waited alllllll the way till october to get married.
& the day did not disappoint. that sky on october 23rd, 2010 was unforgettable.

anyways, I am pumped for all things fall.
I've never debuted my fall attire in greenwich village before, but it definitely started the crisp autumn weather on the right foot.
I'm trying to mix fall festivities into our anniversary "at-home" celebration later this month,
but I've sadly picked this month to start an intense diet & workout regiment.
we have a portrait shoot next month, & my workout schedule has certainly been a little bit more relaxed than this time last year ;)
but hey. apple cake in small portions is still like, a healthy cake.
orrrr something.

I'm trying this writing thing out, as opposed to all photos all the time.
sorry if it's boring, but I just can't even bring myself to upload photos from this weekend tonight.
*musttttt sleeeeeeeep...*
however! I still have my dad's camera that I sniped for the weekend,
& my hope is to actually get that wedding invitation suite post up that I promised a while ago.

for now? I'm going to revel in how giant my apartment feels right at this moment after a weekend in NYC. 
it pretty much feels like I have a catering kitchen & a ball room dancing studio in my family room.
I'm quite sure this feeling is gonna pass quickly.

enjoy this perfect weather, friends!

xo, kelsey


  1. 1. Plane tickets are just about the BEST kind of "paper" anniversary gift! It totally counts.
    2. I actually prefer the writing to the pics on the ol' blog. Just sayin'. :)
    3. So glad the trip was a blast! Can't wait to hear more. Missed you!

  2. Oh how I wish we lived closer. I need someone to motivate me, diet & work-out with. The apartment across the hall is vacant, and nice, and cheap, and did i mention ACROSS THE HALL? UMMM..How AWESOME would that be?


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