wedding - making pretty

the morning of our wedding started at about 9 a.m... nice & slow.
the weather was perfect & I was so calm. so relaxed. & highly sentimental.
Allison, being the sweetheart she is, brought over homemade cinnamon rolls that we all snacked on while we packed our bags for the day.
all of the bridesmaids arrived at our getting-ready venue,
& we spent the morning painting nails, taking turns getting our hair done, playing with make-up
& ohyeah, putting the programs together. (last minute detail. no biggie.)
we had music blaring, the windows open...
just an all around lovely day to get married.

mrs. bethune hanger - lila frances
hairband - untamed petals
wedding dress - pronovias
ballet flats - charlotte russe

I have to add that my grandmother & mom, talented seamstresses that they are,
listened to my vision for my dress & added the cap sleeves from the hem trimmings...
such an elegant addition.
I had no intentions of wearing a strapless dress,
so when I fell in love with one, my mom got on the phone with her mom, & figured out the solution.

these amazing ladies also constructed my veil in a day,
which is so special to have & hold onto, for my *someday* daughter to wear.
I just love that.
I also wore some of my mom's perfume that is just a classic smell of hers...
my something borrowed.
okay, that and her pearl earrings.

& lastly, yes. you read it correctly.
after searching high & low & waist level at every shoe store I could drive to or search online,
I was stuh-riking OUT in the shoe department.
it was either too expensive, too fancy or not unique.
so when I found these little flats at Charlotte Russe for a whopping $10...
I turned to Emily (my maid of honor & shopping voice of wisdom),
& she said, "yes. buy them."
as if she knew that I was thinking "buhht... Charlotte Rus... ehh..."
we stitched on the ribbon later that evening & presto.
my perfect wedding shoe.

we're almost to the "I do!" part!
clearly, my favorite.

for now, I'm going to settle into the couch with the husband for the rest of this Cardinals game.
World Series, babehhh!

xo, kelsey

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