wedding - rehearsal & dinner

such a whirlwind of a day, this was.
I don't even remember dressing myself, although I have a vague memory of Amelia curling my hair...
family was arriving, decorations were going up, & our wedding was suddenly in full swing!

it's probably bragging a little,
but I'm pretty sure we had the smoothest, happiest, non-chaotic rehearsal in the history of rehearsals.
thanks to agonizing "pre-rehearsals" to time the aisle walking earlier in the summer,
& our wonderfully spectacular coordinator, Amelia,
there wasn't a whole ton of work to do except getting to the end of the aisle!
our little flowers girls - Sara Kate & Corrie - showed up with paper pieces to practice dropping their flower petals...
& very quickly got bored with the whole process.
they're the best part of these photos ;)

I just want to hug whoever came up with the rehearsal dinner idea.
having so many faces in the same room that are so well loved is overwhelming.
we should get married more often.

one of the best things about a Bethune boy getting married is that Jared's dad makes the rehearsal dinner.
yes, makes it. all of it.
one of the worst things about a Bethune boy getting married is
being the bride & trying not to eat yourself into a coma because it's all SO GOOD.
we were treated to mediterranean cuisine & ohmylanta.
my dad still talks about it, & I still crave it. 

this last picture was snapped as everyone was leaving,
about 10 minutes before Jared took me outside for the big honeymoon location reveal.
that's right... he planned the whole thing by himself, & all I knew was to pack for a beach!
it was a really perfect, quiet moment after crazy day of running in 43542 directions,
as we stood under the October stars & he showed me a map, pointing to St. Croix.

"you said you wanted to see the sunset over the beach, & that you didn't want to fly for hours...
so we're staying on the west side of the island. you'll get a sunset over the ocean every night."

he's a dreamboat, I tell ya.

xo, kelsey

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