taking off! again!

You guyyyys.

Jared & I are leaving tomorrow for our anniversary trip in NYC,
I'm sooooo excited!!!
Being sick earlier this week kinda threw me for a loop,
but now that my work week (type thing) is done & over,
I'm finally remembering that a romantic, adventure-filled trip is right around the corner.
We're staying most of our trip with Reigner & Alex, so it's sure to be excellent.

It's time to pack (ayiiii), but I wanted to say hi & I'll try to stop in this weekend.
Have a wonderful weekend yourself, & if you have any trip tips for our week in the Big City,
pass them along! We mostly just want good pizza & fun times. ;)

xo, kelsey

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  1. didn't know this trip was coming up so soon!!! ahh, have such fun, make lots of memories, and i can't wait to see photos! enjoy each other. :)


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