la mer - a farewell to summer, pt I

It's been September for 14 whole days now, but it's just beginning to hit me that summer has ended.
The distinctive lines between summer & fall have blurred over the last two years, 
what with the addition of a day job and the subtraction of the back-to-school factor.
Traffic is back to it's stop&go norm, the sun is setting earlier, & we're spending more evenings on our back porch.
I'm not kidding myself - I am welcoming fall back with wide open arms,
But I can't help but be *a teeeeensy bit* sentimental over yet another newlywed season ending.

Summer, you were great! 
A little toasty, but I'm sure I'll be dreaming of your warm embrace soon enough.

::some of my favorite ocean photos from our first married summer::


xo, kelsey

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