the big peach - aquarium

the Georgia Aquarium and Zoo Atlanta were absolute highlights from our trip to atlanta,
& basically omgcuteanimals! heaven. 
so, so much to see - & usually in some form of high heel, which my feet are still forgiving me for.
these are just some of my favorite photos from the Aquarium. i took probably, oh, a million.

notes from one of my sessions at the conference we attended.
just like college all over again. kinda love it.

pacific sea nettles - so beautiful!

the beluga whale who stole my heart. 
i bought a beluga plushie in the gift shop & named him anderson 
as a shout out to the anderson cooper that we never saw wandering around the CNN Center.

whale shark + manta ray + fishies from up above & down below

heading to atlanta soon? GO TO THE AQUARIUM. & the Zoo.
but mostly the Aquarium, & tell my beluga friend that i say hello.

xo, kelsey

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  1. I read your blog every couple of days and realize how much I miss all of you!
    Aunt Deb XOXO


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