a braidy bunch

how I wore my hair for last night's date.
what do you think of el "braid bangs?"
(inspiration here)
it was actually super simple to do, if that encourages you at all.

some days, I am just POSITIVE that I want to chop my hair off after our bridal shoot in November,
but there's such a freedom in my long hairs & being able to do... basically anything with them.
right now, the focus is growing out my bangs, which I've given in & cut every winter.
not this year! no sirree! I'm staying strong!

I wish I had a better picture to show you,
but that camera hasn't fallen out of the sky yet,
so my little cell phone is what I'm workin' with ;)

& I apparently will not be doing any applying-mascara-tutorials any time soon.

happy saturday!

xo, kelsey


  1. You & I both. It doesn't help that Rob wants me to chop mine off as well. I just HAAAAATE being influenced!

  2. Super cute!! Definitely a style to add to your arsenal! :)


because lezz be frandz.