sneezes and whales

::our view with a room::

Atlanta was awesome, & I have so very many pictures to share with you. It was a work trip, so I learned things & networked & whatnot... But, I mean, come on. I hung out with a beluga whale.

So, I'm totally home, & totally on the verge of sickness. Jared was left in Virginia to deal with last week's "summer!no fall!no summer! ah,whatevs." weather, which managed to get him sick & wouldn't you know! I think I caught it.

In a cruel role reversal, I'm going to be home sick this weekend while he heads out of town on a camping trip with "the guys"... Which hopefully will result it completely mediocre stories & no scars/wounds/burns to talk about. Right, Amelia? ;)

I'll be back!
xo, kelsey


  1. if the guys are camping then why aren't we canoodling (& inevitably baking or drinking?)

  2. & by drinking i don't mean being alcoholics, i mean having a drink.

  3. Where are they camping at? Rob and I wanna go real soon. Trying to scope out our next big spot.

  4. Allison: I have a recipe that involves baking AND drinking... Moscato Cupcakes. SO DELISH. & I'm pretty sure that we could eat them WHILE canoodling, sooo...

    Gretch: They're going into deeeep western Virginia... I can show you the website the next time I see ya.


because lezz be frandz.