a little picnic

So, I was a little leery calling this mini-date a "picnic,"
because there's nothing cutesy, homemade, or cherry-pie-in-a-basket about it.
We didn't even ride our bikes there... In fact, we drove.
But to be safe, I looked up the definition of the word picnic,
(which is: an excursion or outing in which the participants carry food with them and share a meal in the open air)
& I figured, well, that is in fact what we did!

Jared & I have been picnicing/day-dating/midnight walking at this lake since there was a Jared & I.
Really truly, our first "date" took place here,
so there's good memories all around. (More on that soon, promise.)
There's a "secret entrance" down the street from Jared's parents' house
that I like to think only Jared + his siblings + their friends know about,
& for the longest time, it was the only entrance that I knew existed.

It was a few years ago that one of us got a craving for that chicken teriyaki that they throw at you in the mall food court,
so we picked some up, stopped by Chick-fil-a for lemonade (I'll take full responsibility for that craving),
& then took it to the lake to enjoy the beautiful weather.
The whole thing stuck, & now it's a little bit of a tradition, I guess.
Like I said, there's no brie, wicker or checkered blankets...
But it sho' is delicious, & it sure is splendid.

I'll admit - It's the first time we've had this date since we got married,
so I of course got a little sentimental & started dreaming about bringing our baby there someday...
to that first place where mom&dad awkwardly smiled at each other on the dock,
skipping rocks & making eyes.

Alright, I've taken this blog to a whole new level now that I've introduced you to the lake.
You should take me to meet your parents next, or something.
At least start introducing me as your girlfriend.

without further ado...
our day off:

xo, kelsey

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  1. Sooooo, I totally used to walk through that "secret entrance" with my cousin lauren ALL THE TIME as a child. Her grandparents who she lived with live in the same neighborhood. I forgot about that until now. Jared may or may not have been there a few of the times. Seriously, I must have been like 10 years old.


because lezz be frandz.