lately: phone photos

1. an august sky
2. bacon chocolate chip cookies + the perfect cup for cookie dunkin'
3. fried green tomatoes from Cotton
4 & 5. Some yummy summer drinks
6. fingernails - ignore my writing bump.

It's been a quiet "day off," but somehow busy aaaall at the same time.
I'm taking off for a work conference this week, & am thus overwhelmed with all the leaving-town goodness that ensues.
I'm making my outfit list, my shopping list, my blog schedule list, my must-wash list...
So. Many. Lists.
But I'm excited! Should be a good trip.

For now, I'm off on the hunt for a good trouser jean.
My 19 yr. old self is all like, "Whaaaa??"
But it's time. Professional Kelsey, reporting for duty.

happy monday!
xo, kelsey

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  1. QUELF is the game we play ALL THE TIME with John and Natalie, and I must say, I've never known anyone else who loves it, too! Figures, it'd be YOU. ;) Add it to the list of things we'll do together when we finally get to hang-out....


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