engagement - film

shot with a Nikon F4; Lens - Nikkor 50mm 1.4 (Made in 1960s)

We have the some of the most talented family members,
& today's photos showcase the fantastic work of Levi Bethune Photography.
These pictures are all straight from the camera,
& we could not be more thrilled with them.

Words cannot describe the HEAT that fell upon the earth the day of this shoot in mid-June.
Which makes sense, because our "save the date" photoshoot was, um, FREEZING (in late March).
But Levi worked his magic, Jared told some cheesy jokes, & we managed to smile, laugh & melt our way through the afternoon,
& things cooled off once we moved into the evening.

When I look at these photos, they look like how Norah Jones sounds.
How she sounded as she crooned in the background when Jared proposed to me in the falling snow.
Glowing faces, beaming smiles.
I just want to hold his hand.
Right now!
& for forever.
(Good thing we're already married, huh?)

Ooo ... Hope I didn't spoil the surprise ending for you just now ;)

xo, kelsey

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  1. Um, these pictures truly are spectacular. You look absolutely lovely. Jared's neck muscles look very defined. I want to see more!
    And you need to explain to me how you get your pictures side by side. I've already spent way,WAY too much time trying.


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