bridal shower land

Bridal Shower Land - That's where I am this week. Up to my ears in hot glue guns & Dollar Tree goodies. FANCY, I know. But as long as it ends up looking fancy, I win. 

I have completely commandeered the table in our dining room/office. Jared has been sitting in the opposite corner of the room all evening at the real desk, working on, you know, real work. The Shins have been doing most of the talking this evening. But it's still nice! Vicinity is where it's at, people. I can sit over here with my apple slices (because Bridesmaid Diet, yaaaaay!) & he can keep his 400% dark chocolate bar over there in icks-ville.

These are the fascinating happenings of the Bethunes in March. Stay tuned for Chewing Apples - An Essay & DIY: Ignore your wife's pathetic attempt at whistling along to Caring is Creepy.

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