sunday best - st. patrick's day

sweater - h&m // shirt - j. crew // tie - thrifted // bucks - bass
shirt - pacsun // earrings - francesca's // pants & shoes - h&m

Today was cold. & pretty overcast. & we didn't do anything to commemorate St. Patrick's Day, even though with our family history combined, we make up, like, half a baby leprechaun. But TODAY... This glorious today... I got Jared all to myself. We enjoyed a really great brunch after church & then drove around some old neighborhoods & fake house hunted. (We're buying a really gorgeous tudor cottage AND a yellow bungalow. They're both on the water, of course.) We also watched Will Ferrell's most recent not-funny movie, buuuut it's really not worth mentioning. All in all, it was the perfect day for cold & overcast. There wasn't much more I wanted to do than spend time with my busy man.

Best part: The day isn't over. SO, BYE!


  1. I love both of your outfits. You are beautiful!!



because lezz be frandz.