sunday best

 shirts - j. crew // tie - thrifted  // jeans - cotton on // bucks - bass  // watch - timex (vintage), j.crew band
shirt - ae // skirt - old navy ($4!) // tights & watch - francesca's collection // glasses - warby parker

The sad tale of this Sunday Best is that it's March & it's still freezing outside, so that glorious wall got all of 4 minutes of our attention before we ran back to the car as fast as the universe allowed us. You know, because the wind was beating against our faces & my right eye (which serves as my trusty "It's windy!" meter) was watering so I couldn't really see where I was going. Which was sad, because it was Jared's birthday & no one deserves to be pushed around by the wind on their birthday.

Fortunately, over at my parents' house, there are always doggies that have too much love to give & a back patio that blocks the wind really well. We win, universe.

Except that it's March. & it's still freezing. I had the windows open in our bedroom today as I put away the four mountains of clothes that had built up over the last week (HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN.) & I could faintly smell spring in the air. It's close enough at 14 days away that I can say how completely over winter I am without it being considered whining. Right?


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    1. Tell your mom to invite me to Six Blessings so I can read her blog. Deb

  2. Sorry! It is bless this six! Oops.


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