dear jared

Dear Jared,

I just asked you what I should write about.
You said, "ME!"

You're eating coffee ice-cream...
Because you're worried you're overdosing on citrus & think this will help balance it out.
You're currently letting me keep my toes under your bum...
Because they're always cold & you're always warm.
You're wearing your St. Louis Cardinals sweatshirt that my grandparents got you...
Because you're just as excited about the season starting as I am & that's FANTASTIC.
You're (avidly) watching The Rescuers...
Because I'm a little bit obsessed with the Disney selection on Netflix right now.
You've already prepped smoothie ingredients for the morning...
Because you wake up early to make breakfast.
You love me really well.
So, yeah. I'll write about you.
Today & every day, really.
Because I love y-o-u.
& I really hope you don't overdose on citrus.

xo, Kelsey

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