jared's birthday

Writing about Jared's birthday at this point in our lives is actually just me writing about how awesome/not awesome I am. Like, waking up early to make breakfast in bed, including but not limited to bacon hearts? AWESOME. Burning the hashbrowns & kinda the egg & the other (not pictured) pieces of bacon because I can't multi-task in the kitchen? NOT AWESOME.

Or, picking out perfectly-Jared gifts because for once, I listened to the hints he's been dropping & actually wrote them down? AWESOME. Choosing to photoshop the most manly looking photo of my face into a picture with Noah Gundersen? KINDA NOT AWESOME. Because I still think it's pretty hilarious, manly or no.

It was a really wonderful day together, & I think the birthday boy would agree. There aren't many better ways to ring in your 25th year than brownies & coffee ice-cream, so we're calling this one a success.

Two days in, & 25 is looking pretty good on this fella.

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