four good things

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BEACH DAY - We've had five days of glorious 65 degree weather... Just enough of a taste of spring to really start eye-balling the swimsuit section at Target & begin serious planning for our spring break beach vacation with my family.
AIR PLANTS - I can't even count how many herbs & succulents I've killed since we moved into this apartment, so the next test of my green/black thumb will be air plants. Fingers crossed.
OPEN WINDOWS - It's already time to start dreaming about our next apartment once our lease is up in June. After living in our super old building with mostly painted shut windows, we're prioritizing windows that open & *hopefully* a balcony.
ICE CREAM - I'm not usually an ice-cream fan, but the red velvet ice-cream we had on Valentine's Day started a wave of sweet eats around the Bethune abode. It might be a small problem. But also delicious.

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  1. love this post but especially the looks of that ice-cream

    1. Seriously contemplating purchasing an ice-cream maker but how dangerous would that be??

  2. I'd love to hear how the air plant works out! Everything dies in my apartment within a few days (there's not much sun, and in the summer it's hot & humid on my 4th floor walk-up, in the winter hot and dry from the old-school heat system) My friend gave me an air plant for my birthday a couple of years ago. I loved it and it actually lasted a few months! Unfortunately it fell, damaging a limb, and it couldn't recuperate after that. :/ I may give it another go though!


    1. WELL! I JUST bought a couple air plants this past weekend, so if I can get them through the first two weeks without killing them, I will definitely post a status update. Our apartment is VERY similar to what you described, & NOTHING has survived it yet. Fingers crossed!


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