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Both of us had to stop & count on our fingers to double check that this was our 8th Valentine's Day together. It's starting to really sound like we've been together a long time! That's nice. We spent Sunday celebrating our traditionally belated day of love, since 20 years ago, I got a baby sister as a Valentine's gift. Every once in awhile, we get one of these glorious entire day-dates, & half the fun is just having time to be. Be silly, be lovey, be doing the dishes together. We started our afternoon with a downtown brunch, & finished it with an early evening showing of Her at the cute local movie theater. 

Ya know, I've heard good & bad things about that movie, & we both came to basically the same conclusion - Visually stunning (like, really), musically gorgeous, really great to see Joaquin Phoenix performing like the amazing actor he is... But still, a very odd storyline. I think I definitely would have enjoyed the book, & maybe that would have made the movie better. Or worse. Who knows. I don't really care, because we were hand-holding & foot canoodling, & it didn't really matter what we were watching, so long as we were together. I know, I know... But it's true!

We came home & Chef Jared got to work in the kitchen, making spaghetti alla carbonara & a custom pink apple cider martini that Jared gave about 27 different names throughout the evening. There was The Loooooove Apple, Adam's Apple, The Apple of My Eye, Apple Juice *wink*... The list goes on. He's a little ridiculous, but alllllso really good at concocting tasty beverages, so I'm on board. 

After a token-of-love exchange & love note reading, we made the very wise decision to take a break from the Olympics (which we have watched every night since it started & are maybe a little overly invested?) while also winding down a little from the heaviness of Her & watched Jurassic Park. Yup, true romance. I've been dying to watch it since I heard the soundtrack recently, & when Jared busted out the stash of red velvet ice-cream he'd hidden in the freezer, I thought I just might cry tears of pterodactyl joy. It's also been really hard to enjoy anything even the teensiest bit indulgent while watching Olympians flip through the air on ice or snow or blades or whatever, so it was nice to have our dinosaurs & eat our ice cream, too.

It was a sweet day... It's good to love & be loved. I've always been so grateful to spend Valentine's Day celebrating my sister's birthday with my family, because I don't think Valentine's Day is just about romantic love. I think it has to be a celebration of love, in general. Otherwise, the greeting card companies win. 

Love is good. Love is great. 

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  1. I felt the same way about Her. I didn't particularly like the ending either :/

    Glad you have such an awesome love day, though! xx


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