what the winter olympics does to me

The Olympics have started. (^ That's what Jared would look like in Russia.) Here's what that means around here:

  • I will have goosebumps for the next 16 days.
  • Goosebumps will only be interrupted by bouts of crying as medals are won & heartfelt stories of the journey to the Olympics are told.
  • I will start justifying my skill at sports that I definitely sucked at growing up as potential sports that could get me into a future Olympics. #rio2016
  • Figure skating is my jam, & I will award the gold medal to any skater that performs to a movie soundtrack that I recognize. 
  • Bonus points for a good costume with minimal flesh-colored fabric & any sort of bedazzled skin jewelry.
  • Just kidding, I'm actually a really tough figure skating judge.
  • I will investigate volunteer opportunities for both the next summer & winter olympics at least once.
  • At some point, I will turn to Jared & describe to him, in depth, the different things that will be going on in our lives the next time the Winter Olympics roll around. I'm pretty sure we were supposed to be snuggling with at least one puppy in NYC for this one. 
  • If you want, I can reenact Tara Lipinski's short program (ANASTASIA, HULLO.) while explaining to you how she beat Michelle Kwan in the 1998 Nagano games.
  • I'll become obsessed with one snowboarder & one figure skater & start planning the wedding for a pair figure skating team.
  • Bob Costas will be referred to only as Vampire Bob. It's already happened once, & Vampire Bob, I hope your eye gets better real fast. Just stay away from the garlic, friend.
  • What's that? You want to make plans for tomorrow night? Or the night after that? Can't, sorry. Olympics-ing.
  • What's that? You haven't been watching the Olympics? Ummm. Huh. 
  • I'll tell Jared that I can't think of a better godfather to our future children than Scott Hamilton. 
  • I will astonish the people around me with my math skills as I calculate scores & averages, something this communications major is not known for.
  • We'll probably watch Blades of Glory, to be completely honest.
  • Scootch over, Jennifer Lawrence. We gotta make room for Johnny Weir on this couch.
  • Emily & I will text our really educated commentaries & opinions to one another every single night.
  • By the end of the games, getting an Olympic tattoo will seem like a really rational, good idea that Jared will need to talk me out of.

Please tell me I'm not the only Olympic freak?


  1. Haha I HAVE to admit that I love the summer Olympics a little better, simply because I'm obsessed with gymnastics but figure skating definitely gets me excited about the winter games, too!!


because lezz be frandz.