wearing - 5/50

turtleneck - Forever21 // skirt - h&m // boots - TJ Maxx // heart earrings - Claire's

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I present to you a mostly black but kinda reddish outfit! I really, really love this skirt, but honestly, it is the absolute funkiest cut in my whole closet. It's from a couple springs ago, which could probably be pinpointed as the pre-hi-low era. The down side to the dark components of this outfit are that my hair falls out like it's got some place to be & some of those places are my black turtleneck, my black tights or my black boots... Maybe even woven into my black gloves, if I'm lucky. The upside is that it's long enough to wrap around my neck (twice) on especially cold days. Probably weird, but also warm.

Somehow, this is two style posts in a row, which should never, ever happen. It's been a crazy week, which has found me out & about, & Jared working late, leaving our apartment & our routine schedule abandoned. Blog posting included. But! It's my baby sister's birthday today and it's snowing (again!) outside and there's a 5-day-old baby sitting next to me and my 13-month-old niece is trying to snag this laptop out of my lap, so all signs point to see ya later, alligator.


  1. Oh my gosh you look STUNNING! This post reaffirms the fact that I need black booties in my life. I have been looking for the perfect pair! There's a TJ Maxx right near my work so I'll check there :)

  2. Love this look! So adorable! :)


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