this month - february

EATING - eggs on everything
DRINKING - grapefruit juice, only a little because I'm obsessed with its color
PRACTICING - newborn poses with my sister's almost-here baby boy
MASTERING - the new part-time job
LEARNING - to appreciate decaf coffee & tea in lieu of dessert
PLAYING - The Avett Brothers & fleet foxes
FINISHING - the brainstorm process for some painting projects around the house
READING - The Goldfinch (by donna tartt)
WATCHING - scandal
WALKING - to work in the mornings
WEARING - tall socks, hats & hunters
COOKING - stews, soups and chilis
WORKING - my body & feeling all the things with barre3
TRAVELING - to Richmond (for real this time) this weekend
WANTING - to not be called in for jury duty *fingers crossed*

What are you hoping to do this month?

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