wearing - 7/50

pullover - Loft // maxi dress - TJ Maxx // flats - Target // watch - Charming Charlie's // midi ring - UO

Whoever decided maxi dresses should be main stream street style did not have a big butt. Or thighs. In fact, they were either 8 feet tall or didn't have legs at all. I fought maxi dresses with everything in me, but somehow gave in to this dress during the hunt for something to wear to a wedding this past September. 

Since then, our relationship has consisted mostly of side-eyeing each other before I throw my hands in the air & slowly back-up - Nodding, with my tongue pressed into my cheek, admitting defeat once more. I THINK the answer is wearing something long-ish over it, as pictured above, since the waistline of this particular dress falls at my hips = danger zone. #fatbottomedgirlprobz

But that Day 5 top knot, though.
[photos by the fabbie Kelsie McNair of With Lavender & Lace]


  1. Thank. You. My hips and butt are so curvy that comfy as they may be, maxi's that cling to my shape look so ridiculous most of the time! I like them better when they're more loose/flowy and therefore fall more straight. You look great! And yes, that top knot is perf.

    1. I have a couple maxi skirts that sit at my actual waist, & it seems to be much more flattering... But I also feel like they look really full (because hips, haaayyy) & therefore somewhat formal? Am I crazy?


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