bethune beach essentials

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BABY POWDER - Mama Essmann tip, ladies & gentlemen. As much as sand in the car means summertime has arrived, it also makes me a little hivey. Baby powder knocks the sand right off!
SUNSCREEN - 5 years of working outdoor events has taken its toll on my skin, so there's actually 6 other types of sunscreen in my bag for all types of days in the sun for both me and Jared (the 1/4 Mexican that I married who doesn't believe he needs sun protection). This Neutrogena screen is my favorite for my face.
TANNING OIL - You know... for that desperate weekend when I need some extra color.
FLOPPY HAT - Because even when I need extra color, the face stays in the shade, thaaaank you.
SPEAKERS - For the afternoons shared with friends.
EAR BUDS - For the afternoons that serve as a reminder that you don't get to pick who sets up camp next to your towel, or what radio stations they like to listen to. Loudly.
HAIR BAND - I usually start with my hair in a top knot when we visit the shore. Keeps my neck cool & starts my hair off with a good wave when we hop in the water to cool off.
CONDITIONER - I know leave-in conditioner exists, but a splash of water & my regular conditioner does all the right things to my tangly beach hair after that first dip in the water.
SEA SALT SPRAY - I can't even contain my love for this product. It seals in that perfect beach day feel &, for my hair, sets that amazing salt water wave.
QUARTERS - For that one day that lands you parking at a meter because your secret free spots are taken.
MAKE UP WIPES - Because no one wants to look like a half-drowned raccoon on the beach.
MASCARA - Our beach has a boardwalk with smoothies & ice-cream & all sorts of fun places, so a touch of waterproof mascara goes a loooong, long way.
LIP SALVE - This one is obvious, right? Lip hydration + the perfect amount of pink.
SUNNIES - There is nothing more crushing than realizing you're at the beach without your sunglasses, so I've taken to keeping a cheap pair (usually a $5.25 pair from Forever21) in my beach bag to avoid this situation. It also keeps me from shedding tears over the inevitable sand grain scratches.
A GOOD BOOK - Always.
JUNE JAR - Hydration Nation! If you don't have one of these mason jars to-go yet, you NEED one for this summer. I'm always amazed at how popular I am when I'm the only person on the quilt with water to drink on a 98 degree day.
A CUTE TOWEL - Beach/pool towels, much like nail polish & soft loungewear, are my annual weakness. This also represents the trusty beach quilt that I couldn't find to take a picture of & will be devastated if I've misplaced it over the winter months.
TRUSTY BEACH BAG - I'll be honest. I have three other bags. The perks to this one are its inside pockets. Another is mesh & thus, the sand falls outs. The other is just a good pattern. But the point is - TRUSTY. All of 'em.
The day we unload the winter coats & scarves from our coat rack is usually the same day I bring out the beach bag to sit by the door, prepared for any day that lands us at the oceanfront... & ohhhh, what a glorious day it is.The beach/pool-side bag is in a constant state of improvement, but with a beautiful Memorial Day weekend ahead of us, I thought I'd share some of the essentials that I keep in our bag. 

If you have any beach/pool essentials in your bag that I missed, PLEASE share in a comment! I'm seeking perfection here, people! Join the cause!


  1. We're hitting the beach for (part of) our honeymoon next week so I'm definitely using this list to figure out what to pack! I haven't been to the beach in ages!

    1. HONEYMOON! So close... Excited for you, friend!


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