wearing - 20/50

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top - TJ Maxx // skirt - vintage // sandals - hand-me-downs // sunnies - Urban Outfitters

All hail the mighty crop top. I mean, or something, because these things are everywhere. I usually firmly believe in the power of keeping-that-thing-covered since I let my 6 pack (sarcasm) fade after my soccer years, but who am I to shy away from a solid trend? Especially when it's hanging on the sale rack at TJ Maxx for $7. I've worn this top twice now & been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable I've felt. So, hope springeth eternal!

This is also the part where we all acknowledge that if you keep something (aka the Birks) long enough, it will come back around AND that there's only 32 weeks left in this blessed year AND that I need to do something other than outfit posts. 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. You are so classy! Love that outfit, girl!


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