this month - may

 photo THISMONTHmay.jpg 
EATING - a Whole30 diet because bandwagons & I-need-a-support-group & stuff
DRINKING - no caffeine! I'm 4 days in. Ignore my desperate pleas for coffee.
PRACTICING -self restraint - See above
MASTERING -beach-less beach hair
LEARNING -how to cook the perfect poached egg
PLAYING -with my co-worker's new australian shepherd, who lives in the office with us during the day #bliss
FINISHING - off a bottle of aloe after last week's episode of sunburn
READING - up on how to keep plants alive becauuuuse...
WATCHING - season 2 of House of Cards
WALKING - with a scarf over my face, as Virginia's pollen is NO joke
WEARING - my Cardinals hat when we watch the game. BASEBALL SEASON, BABY.
COOKING -less, salad-ing more.
WORKING -on my baby sister's graduation announcements. HOW.
TRAVELING - around Virginia for client meetings & weddings - Must be May!
WANTING - more pink in my hair
 Whatcha doin' this month?


  1. sounds like a balanced/eventful/joyful/exciting month!

  2. Hi! I just found your lovely blog via the virginia bloggers! I too am from Virginia! Woot! But this post made me VERY excited! I have done 2 whole30s in the past 5 months! Expect great things! If you need any support or have questions or anything PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't hesitate to be in touch! :) I have a little bit about my results on my blog www.2catsandchloe.com I lead a group of about 30 people through their first whole30 in March. It is a great program! Good luck! :)


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