wearing - 18/50

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crop shirt - Loft // dress - Old Navy // sandals - H&M // sunnies - With Lavender & Lace // lips - Revlon's Siren

Having a pretty serious John Lennon moment in these fantastic sunglasses. I finally wised up & got a legitimate hard case to keep them in, which is something I should have done ehhhh, 10 years ago? These precious sunglasses got me through this past weekend's wedding, in which central Virginia's allergens declared war on me, taking my eyeballs hostage. My left eye, yep! Just the left one! didn't stop watering from Friday night to Sunday morning. I played it off (verrry smoothly, I assure you) that I just get really close to my clients. Mary Fiore would have been proud. Or embarrassed.

Otherwise! I skipped town just in time to avoid the intense deluge that fell over our fair city on Friday. The rain ushered in the most perfect weather for an outdoor ceremony in the hills of Waynesboro, Virginia - The kind of perfect weather that you don't even want to talk about until the wedding is over because rain or snow might suddenly swoop in & ruin everything. But it was gorgeous all weekend, the wedding was beautiful & fate even placed both a Starbucks & a drive-thru Panera outside of my hotel. Just to top things off, the little cashier girl at Panera told me I looked like Hayden Panettiere, & in that moment, all was right in the world. Not because I look like Hayden Panettiere (I don't) but because this movie is everything & well, Hayden.

Oh gosh. Lennon, sunglasses, allergies, rain, weddings, Remember the Titans. I might be a little sleep deprived. Pardonnez-moi.


  1. this outfit is the cutest. i especially love your sunnies and shoes!

    1. Thank you, beauty! These sandals get me through the summer - They may be superglued in a couple places ;)


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