iphone does - obx 2014

 photo 1-1.jpg
beach essentials + toddler pony adorableness
 photo 5-1.jpg
local flying fauna + duck donuts too many mornings in a row

 photo 8.jpg
earth + ellie asks nicely to go to the beach
 photo 3-1.jpg
sunnies + sunset
 photo 12.jpg
corolla houses + corolla light house
 photo 6-1.jpg
emma travels in the rain + the best hamburger spot in north carolina
 photo 9.jpg
kites + a sampling of the selfies jared endured while hard at work back in virginia
 photo 2-1.jpg
our one day in the sun together + more sunset
 photo 10.jpg
peaceful evening on the inlet + ellie enjoys our windy monday
 photo 4-1.jpg
little sweet pea + the walk back from sunset on the shoreline
 photo 11.jpg
serenity + shoreline finds
 photo 7-1.jpg
one last night + peaceful doodle on the deck

I'm once again in the middle of a wedding week, & while looking for a wedding-related screenshot from a month ago, I stopped in on my beach photos from our Outer Banks trip a few weeks back. It was a wonderful week of toddlers, hot tubbing, donuts, puppies & sunshine (& rain). My hardworking man had to stay back at home for all but 1.5 days, but we were grateful for even the smallest bit of time we got to spend together in the sun during his incredibly teensy vacation. Someday, family vacations will be just that, but we'll take what we can get for now. 

I hope to show my face around these parts at least one more time this week, but that sounds like a lofty promise. Weddingzzzzzz. So, if I don't see you again - Good afternoon, good evening & good night!

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