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GLASS COFFEE TABLES - The list of things to sell/make keeps growing as our July move-out date approaches, & the trunk that has served as our coffee table is on the sell list. Glass tops are our current replacement obsession. 
SOAP ROCKS - Our trip to the OBX found me in way too many knick-knack stores that sell unnecessary decor like these soap rocks that I can't stop thinking about. At $13 a pop, I held off but they're soooo pretty. Waaant. 
PALETAS - I basically pin recipes for these things all year round & maybe make them twice, but GOAT CHEESE. I even bought some IKEA popsicle molds last month in hopes of furthering my paleta skills this summer. I'm prepared. 
BEACH UMBRELLAS - The last couple of summers have found me in the shade of a floppy hat, even on the beach, so we're investing in our own beach umbrella this summer. These brellas have me inspired to add my own fringe to our future chosen one.
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  1. We are moving out in July, too (AGAIN! 😓)! Ahhhh the heat, I'm already dreading it! Where are you guys headed?


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